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About Us

The Truong Neuroscience Institute

Mission Patient Care

Foremost, the physicians, research scientists and staff at the Truong Neuroscience Institute all share the common goal of providing superior care to our patients in the treatment of neurological disorders affecting movement. It is our belief that people who must cope with symptoms or illness have enhanced quality of life when they understand their diagnosis and treatment plan, and when they are informed and active participants in their own health care.

We also know that we learn and improve as physicians from our experiences with all of our patients. In our clinical practice we encourage a relationship of open communication between patient and physician.


To ensure that we are providing care with the most current knowledge and therapies available, and to further knowledge of the causes and treatment of neurological disorders, we are committed to active participation in basic and clinical scientific research.


The physicians and scientists of the Institute strive to further their own understanding of movement disorders, and also contribute to general awareness and education, through participation in support organizations, public speaking, and training of students in our laboratory.

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Founded by Dr. Daniel D. Truong

a recognized expert in research and treatment of Parkinson's disease, dystonia and other movement disorders, the Institute was first established at the University of California, Irvine as the Parkinson's and Movement Disorder Program.

Today, the Institute is comprised of five specialists dedicated to a full spectrum of patient care and research in the areas of Parkinson's disease and movement disorders, from medical treatment to surgical approaches. In addition to Dr. Daniel Truong, the Institute's specialists are Dr. Kong Truong, who specializes in neurophysiology; Dr. Mayank Pathak, who specializes in spasticity; Dr. Christina Nguyen, who specializes in Neuromuscular disorders; Dr. Nguyen Thong, who specializes in brain trauma and general neurology.

We joined together with the common goals of investigating and treating neurological disorders that impair movement. These efforts are accomplished, of course, through the efforts of many people within the organization, including clinical and research staff.


Approximately 60 thousand Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease each year.


About 1 million people in the U.S. live with Parkinson's Disease.

x 1.5

Men are 1.5 times more likely to have Parkinson's Disease than women.

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