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Dr. Christina Nguyen


               Dr. Christina M. Nguyen, a Board Certified Neurologist, brings extensive knowledge in Neuromuscular Medicine to the Parkinson's and Movement Disorder Institute. She graduated from Ross University School of Medicine with the Highest Honor, and completed her Residency in Neurology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. At VCU, Dr. Nguyen garnered experience in EEG and epilepsy monitoring, EMG-guided chemodenervation for focal dystonia, skin biopsy and lumbar puncture procedures. She completed her Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she specialized in the diagnosis and management of diseases of the nerves, muscles, and neuromuscular junctions. Additionally, Dr. Nguyen trained in muscle and nerve biopsy and Nerve Conduction Study/ Electromyography to diagnose various neuromuscular diseases.

               As a physician, Dr. Nguyen aims to provide patients with top-quality care and comprehensive education. Dr. Nguyen joined the Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Institute in 2015 and serves as the head of the EMG/NCS lab. Dr. Nguyen treats patients with Parkinson’s disease, seizure disorders, myasthenia gravis, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, and many more neurological disorders. She administers toxin injections for patients with chronic migraines and limb spasticity. In additional to her vast clinical knowledge, Dr. Nguyen also serves as a sub-investigator for various clinical trials. Dr. Nguyen is involved in several Phase III trials related to Parkinson’s Disease and Cervical Dystonia. 

               Outside of the clinic, Dr. Nguyen enjoys educating others about neurology, stroke, and comprehensive healthcare. She is a member of the American Academy of Neurology. At UCLA and VCU, Dr. Nguyen presented various topics, such as neurological procedures, stroke education, quality improvement, and neurological complications. She strives to improve resident education at VCU through her membership of the Educational Board for Neurology Residency.

                Dr. Christina M. Nguyen is very committed to the local community. Born and raised in Fountain Valley, California, she hopes to utilize her cultural and medical background to provide the best quality care for her patients.




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