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Dr. Deepmala Nandanwar

Dr. Deepmala Nandanwar joined The Truong Neuroscience Institute, also known as the Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Institute, after completing her Movement Disorder Fellowship training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She did her neurology residency service at Wayne State Hospital and her internal medicine internship at Sinai Grace Hospital. 



  • Ramesh Madhavan, Pratik Bhattacharya, Deepmala Nandanwar, Omar Basha, Fnu Abhishek, Kumar Rajamani; Are physicians more vigilant in recognizing Acute Posterior Circulation Stroke symptoms? - Experience of a Tele-stroke Network. Neurology Apr 2015, 84 (14 Supplement) S21.007

  • Tripathi R, Hafeez W, Nandanwar D, Basha M, Shankar L.ABCD2 Score Use in 10/2016 Transient Ischemic Attack. ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 2016 Oct 1; 80, p. S112.

  • Sriwastava S, Nandanwar D and Bernitsas E Spinal Cord Infarction with Markedly Elevated Protein in CSF Mimicking Inflammatory Disease Austin J Clin Neurol Volume 4 Issue 3 - 2017 ISSN: 2381-9154

Poster Presentation

  • Are physicians more vigilant in recognizing Posterior Circulation Stroke symptoms? AAN 2015

  • Experience of a Tele- stroke Network Retrospective study- Comparative efficacy of Levetiracetam and Lacosamide in post-epilepsy surgery patients AES 2017

  • A Checklist Approach to a better Discharge Summary WSU 2017

  • Seroconversion of serum NMO IgG in initial seronegative NMO IgG and positive CSF NMO IgG antibody neuromyelitis optica case CMSC 2018

  • Nocturnal Hyperkinetic Spells in Dentatorubral Pallidoluysian Atrophy AAN 2018

  • Paroxysmal Symptoms and Correlated EEG findings in DLB AAN 2019

  • DEEPMALA NANDANWAR, MD PAGE 3 Thalamic stroke presenting with sudden cognitive changes AAN 2019

  • Role of dopamine Transporter Scan (DaTscan) imaging in the evaluation of Parkinsonism: IAPRD 2020

  • Experience from a tertiary care center SANDO syndrome associated with new POLG gene mutation: Case report AAN 2020



  • Resident Teaching Award- Wayne State University 2017 – 2018

  • Movement Disorder Symposium, Vanderbilt 2017 - 2018

  • Resident Teaching Award- Wayne State University 2018 - 2019





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